Canna Trading CBD Tincture – 750 mg Natural Vanilla – Alcohol Free


This tincture his hemp-derived CBD extract is true broad spectrum containing other cannabinoids aiding in achieving the entourage effect. It is is formulated with natural, non-alcohol extracted vanilla oil. The natural vanilla oil and broad spectrum CBD extract are combined with organic MCT oil for a smooth, vanilla flavor which can be added to food or drinks.

Product Details

• Premium extracted pure CBD Oil
• Non-GMO
• Lab tested for purity – View Lab Results
• 750 mg CBD Oil per bottle
• Approximately 30 servings per 1 fl. oz bottle
• Suggested serving: 1 dropper once or twice daily
• Organic MCT Oil
• Non-alcohol extracted pure vanilla oil
• Free of soy, sugar, yeast, preservatives and chemicals
• No artificial colors or flavors

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This CBD tincture is formulated with premium CBD extract, pure vanilla oil (alcohol free, safe for pets), and organic MCT oil to deliver a potent, aromatic CBD experience.


Premium Hemp CBD Extract, MCT Oil, Pure Vanilla Oil (alcohol free, safe for pets)


For Humans: Shake the bottle and fill one dropper full, then dispense it under your tongue. Hold it there for up to one minute, then swallow. Sublingual application allows for faster absorption of the natural cannabinoids. Drops can also be added to food or drink (as long as it’s not boiling).

For Pets: For pets, there are three tiers of suggested doses. A small dose is 0.05 mg per pound. This means that a small dose for a 5-pound pet would be 0.25 mg. A medium dose is 0.125 mg per pound. A 5-pound pet would receive a dose of 0.625 mg. The large (strong) dose for pets is 0.25 mg per pound. For a 5-pound pet, a strong dose would be 1.25 mg. You should administer doses twice a day and monitor your pet for one week. Always start with the small dose first. If symptoms or behaviors seem to have improved, continue this dosing schedule.

Additional information

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Dimensions 62 × 45 × 32 in


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Canna Trading CBD Tincture – 750 mg Natural Vanilla – Alcohol Free

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